Plot Synopsis

Five teens on a camping trip are attacked by a lake monster born of atomic waste! A professor and his assistant work to stop the creature before it is too late in this campy musical stage adaptation of a black-and-white B-movie.

Based on the multi-award winning film, The Monster of Phantom Lake: The Musical! follows guitar-wielding scientist, Professor Jackson, his smitten graduate student, and five swell teenagers as they discover the horrible effects of “atomic waste” in the form of a shell-shocked WWII soldier who has mutated into a terrifying algae monster! Will the local canoe cops (officers who patrol the lake on canoe) be able to help?

Enjoy a musical score packed with catchy tunes inspired by classic “golden-age” musicals, 1950s rock-n-roll, and vintage science fiction movies in this NEW MUSICAL by Adam Boll & Christopher R. Mihm.

The Monster of Phantom Lake: The Musical! premiered at the Mabel Tainter Center for the Arts in Menomonie, Wisconsin in the summer of 2016 to rave reviews. A dedicated group of project backers on Kickstarter helped make the stage production, as well as an original cast recording CD and multi-camera recording of the live show on DVD possible.

Music & Lyrics by: Adam Boll

Book by: Christopher R. Mihm

Approximate Show Length: 1 hour 50 minutes (2 acts)

Cast Size: 10+ (ensemble cast)

Vocal Demands: Moderate

Dance Requirements: Minimal

Orchestra Size: Medium (14)

Recommended for: Community / University / High School / Professional / Dinner Theatre

Rating: PG (some mildly frightening scenes; some innuendo / suggestive dialogue)

Description Tags:

—Strong leading man/woman roles

—Musical comedy

—Campy / sci-fi / monster / horror genres

—Adapted from film

—Environmental themes

What recent Amazon reviewers are saying about the show:

”A brilliant work of art. The music is unexpectedly outstanding. The story line moves along at an enjoyable pace and the acting is fantastic. Adam Boll takes it to the next level with his catchy and well written tunes. You don’t want to miss this new musical. It’ll knock your socks off!”

”I found this to be funny, intriguing, entertaining, musically varied and FUN… I enjoyed this CD more than I expected – good story and good music and a lot of tongue in cheek.”

”…a miraculous production… the musical transforms the original film into a far more light-hearted affair, much like the musicalization of Little Shop Of Horrors did from Roger Corman’s original film. Adam Boll’s score is a canny pastiche of a variety of musical styles from the 20th Century… being a HUGE musical theater fan, and owning a large collection of cast album recordings, I can state that I have heard MANY broadway cast recordings which are far less fun and memorable than this.”

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